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This isn’t cartoon related at all, but do any of you read the Artemis Fowl books?

Because I’m currently devouring the whole series (some of it I’ve read before, some of it I haven’t) and the series is devouring me back, I can’t put these books down and it’s all I’m thinking about and I have so many feelings I want to discuss because I’m just like this all the time

so if anyone wants to see me moan about adolescent criminal masterminds and magical reconnaissance officers I’ll be posting over at my non-cartoon blog and you can message me there NO SPOILERS THOUGH! I’m at the beginning of Time Paradox right now, which I’ve read before, but I have no clue about what goes down in Atlantis Complex and Last Guardian and I’m so excited to see how this wonderful series ends.

Okay, back to cartoons now.