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wow guys Guardians of the Galaxy looks great


wow guys Guardians of the Galaxy looks great

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The Weekenders running gags: the ever-changing pizza place (1/?)

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gravity falls + wtnv tweets

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Team Rocket Appreciation Pt.8

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I just need everyone to stop and appreciate how poor and desperate Team Rocket is a lot of the time and that they have no permanent home and meager personal possessions besides what they need for work but they have managed to hold onto P O G S

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i will never accept how under appreciated megamind is

it is a movie about a villain who succeeds in killing the hero 


"The dialogue exhibited a level of literacy that might startle those who think that all Saturday-morning cartoonery is brainless; there weren’t many other programs in which one would hear a middle-schooler [Tish] congratulate her comrades by proclaming “Kudos to us!” Nor was there an abundance of animated series wherein a nervous preteen drama queen [again, Tish] was shepherded through her first appearance by the ghost of William Shakespeare. Particularly pleasing was the series’ depiction of its adult characters - not the anal-retentive, rule-imposing tyrants we’d seen in so many other cartoon weeklies, but instead as recognizable human beings with affectionately detailed personality quirks.
This was precisely what was so unique about the program. The Weekenders was a conscious, symbolic break with the traditions of television animation aimed at “tweens”. It did not attempt to portray any of its characters as stereotypes; instead, it celebrated the uniqueness and intelligence of all its characters, without sacrificing humor in the process. Thanks to the clever writing and directing, and the skilled voice acting behind its four leads (the four performers were never better, particularly Marsden and Soucie), it was an approach that really paid off.”

- Excerpt from America Toons in: A History of Television Animation by David Perlmutter

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I am a princess

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the degree to which the venture bros guys emphasize that the upcoming fall special is a “game changer” bringing a “drastically different venture bros” worries me even though it will be good

image description: me typing “I’M A BABY AFRAID OF CHANGE” on Word 95

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Finally!! The words in this were based off of Hiccup’s narration in the first book of the How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell. I’ve been working on this for a few months now (on and off) and finally just finished it for the Dragons 2 release. Happy flying for those who are going to see it!!! :)

I had to oddly compress everything because of Tumblr formatting x__X make sure you click the 3 mini pictures after the first/second panel!!!

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